Installing Wainscoting

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To make your house more beautiful and stylish, installing wainscoting can be a consideration. Wainscoting is not only a wood which is attached to the wall, but it will make the home have sweet touch. It has many designs with many colors. You can choose the one you like by considering the wall paintings and the concept of your home. Installing it on your own is not hard. You can start by getting the tools you need such as tape measure, jigsaw, chalk line, water level, hammer and nail.

Do It by Yourself
First attempt you can do on installing wainscoting is marking the lines on your wall from the starting point to the end point where to install it. It is important stage because you should measure in detail.The size takes effects on how the wall will look like. The next is measuring the height of wood you want to install and cut it. Use adhesive to install the wainscoting panels and press them into the wall. Last, place the cap molding and fasten the wainscoting by using nails in some sides.

Note to give some space between two wainscoting panels to prevent the cracking of the panels because of seasons. When you choose the panel, do not forget to choose the thick kind of panel. You can paint the wainscoting based on your taste. It is safe and moreover, simple to be installed even for beginner. These are all tips for installing wainscoting which can be done by yourself.

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Random Photo Gallery of Installing Wainscoting

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