Pool Design at Marina Bay Sands

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The pool design at Marina Bay Sands is indeed spectacular. Not only that, the Infinity Pool itself has been called one of the most outstanding pools in the whole world. The most fashionable part of the Infinity Pool is its vanishing edges. It does not seem real, maybe, but the greatness of this pool is not a fake. It is not just a mere Photoshop or something like that. If you still do not believe it, you can visit Marina Bay Sands Sky Park, which is located in Singapore, by yourself.

The Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands
Las Vegas Sands is the developer of the great Marina Bay Sands. Marina Bay Sands itself is a casino which was built to be the most expensive and complete casino property in the world. It has 2.561 hotel rooms in total, a museum, a convention exhibition center, a shopping center or mall, celebrity chef restaurants, rink for ice skating, pavilions which are floating, and two theaters. It does not stop in that point only, because there are many other features that are as impressive, including the SkyPark which is 340 m long and able to hold 3.900 people, and of course, the Infinity Pool, which is placed on the cantilevered platform. One of the impressive is The Infinity pool design at Marina Bay itself.

The Infinity Pool was designed by Moshe Safdie Architects. It has great structure. The point of this spectacular pool design is its vanishing edge, and it looks more special when viewed during the nights. Nevertheless, the pool design at Marina Bay Sands is not only fascinating at nights; but you can also enjoy them at dawn till morning comes.

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