Staircases for Small Spaces

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When we have small space of rooms in our house, and we need to build a staircase, we would need ideas of staircases for small spaces. Staircases itself could be a problem, as staircases, sometimes, if it is not built right, can make our room look much smaller than it is supposed to be. Therefore, it needs to be compacted a little, or combined with other stuff as well, to make it more efficient. However, actually you can do more than that. Staircases can also be one of the elements that make the room more beautiful and eye catching.

Ideas for Staircases
Staircases, aside from its prior function to connect one floor to another, can also be the storage of our small things, and even bookshelf, if you need some more of additional storage. Staircases for small spaces that are built compact can make your room remain intact as well. There are many ideas that you can follow in order to build the staircases that suit your liking and needs.

As designed by Daniel Mihalyo and Annie Han, a thin staircase can be combined with cooking hood as well as a book storage. With that, you can have your staircase with three different purposes all at once. You can also make curved spiral staircase if your room or house is designed modern minimalist. You can also build a bookcase-staircase; where your staircase looks just like a bookcase though it provides you access to your upper story. Designing staircases for small spaces can also depend on your own creation, so that your room will look even greater.

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Random Photo Gallery of Staircases for Small Spaces

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