Standard Garage Door

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Since cars are now available with various sizes, standard garage door will also be varied to make it suitable for any size of cars. There are various sizes of car which will need different specific sizes of garage. However, it is not a big problem building various sizes of garage since specific sizes of the garage door are available to help every home owner to get suitable door size for their car. Following details of various sizes of garage door may help every home owner to get specific number for garage size which is required by specific car such as SUV, Trucks, and so on.

Some Standard Size for Garage Door
Though it might be quite easy to build certain size for garage door, there are several standards available to help you to get correct standard garage door. Following are the two of them, single car doors and double cars doors, that will be available with brief details. The single car doors will be available in 8 by 7 feet, 9 by 7 feet, 10 by 7 feet, and 8 by 8 feet, and some more sizes. On the contrary, the double car doors will be available with little by bigger size of 12 by 7 feet, 14 by 7 feet, 16 by 7 feet, and some more standard for bigger size.

Those are several standards that will help every home owner to get specific size that is needed for their garage. Though there are only two mentioned above, there are actually still some more standard that can be followed to get the right number for garage door. Furthermore, there are also some manufacturers that have been provided the standard garage door so that it will be easier for home owners to get the standard size without finding the details themselves.

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Random Photo Gallery of Standard Garage Door

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